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Redefining Clinical Trials

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CRISALIS got our start in the medical field and that is where our two main platforms focus. While both of these are based on Lupus assessments, each one can be customized to fit any auto-immune trial that uses assessment forms.

LFA-POINT stands for Lupus Foundation of America - Professional Online Instrument Training. Users can earn certifications in the use of all SLEDAI variations, BILAG 2004, CLASI, Joint Count, and SLICC. Sponsor's set up a study portal with us and any users associated with that trial access the training for that specific study. Users only need one account to access as many studies as they are a part of, as each study requires an access code.

This is a secure way to make sure Investigators are up to date on assessment training. LFA-POINT has robust admin tools and reports. It was built in cooperation with the Lupus Foundation of America, with whom we are proud partners. 

E.M.E.R.G.E. is an entire data collection system that is customized for each study. Investigators enter patient data and monitors review it. This allows remote collaboration and monitoring. Copyrighted assessment implementations were tested and approved by the doctors who designed them. For example, Dr. Victoria Werth personally approved our CLASI module. Each study gets a standalone portal, multi-level user types, full audit trail, e-signatures, activity tracking, reason for change, automated scoring, and detailed edit checks that help users enter correct and clean data.

The edit check system compares past and future visits, different assessment forms, error warnings, and more. Investigators get a heads up so they can fix bad data or provide more information, monitors can review forms at any time and add queries of their own for investigators to see. E.M.E.R.G.E. is a secure online system that requires no installations, users always have the most up to date version, access to in depth manuals, and solid support.

With a wide range of reports, an ad-hoc analysis module, custom permissions, and data-locking...
monitors, adjudicators, and sponsors have a diverse tool box to handle the large amount of data
entered. Our team is there every step of the way, for users and clients alike. The same team 
from start to finish. This system has been audited and is fully compliant.

Contact us to schedule a demonstration and put E.M.E.R.G.E. to the test.

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