Our  free, no-obligation consulting includes the following:

• Complete web demo of our current products, services, and technologies.
• A needs-assessment conference call at your convenience.
• Requirements gathering and market research based on your needs.
• A comprehensive proposal with information regarding design, timeline, architecture, security features, costs, maintenance, and support.
• A follow-up conference call.


CRISALIS has partnered with a major data hosting company to provide secure, reliable hosting of our clients’ critical data. We work with our clients and the hosting company to provide them with the best data hosting options based on their application requirements and budget.  

Data Conversion

Will you need to convert/migrate data to our system?

  • Step 1: Data Analysis: A comprehensive review of the database during the initial conversion process in order to determine potential issues.
  • Step 2: Data Cleaning: Multiple checks to determine any data inconsistencies so they can be corrected and not carried over to the new database.
  • Step 3: Data Mapping: Identification of all the existing fields from the data source and creation of a map between the old data source and the target (new) database.
  • Step 4: Data Conversion: The transferring of data from the original data source to the new database.
  • Step 5: Data Verification: The process to ensure the consistency of the converted data.


CRISALIS engineers have extensive experience configuring and implementing HL7 interface engines using custom and third-party utilities for the efficient transmission and exchanging of data in HL7 format. CRISALIS has implemented HL7 interfaces for diagnostic labs, EMR’s and Clinical Biomarker Data Management Systems.

Full Training

Once a product is ready to go live, our team will follow through with demonstrations and complete manuals. Recorded training videos will be supplied once the first demo has been completed.

FDA Compliance

While CRISALIS is not a medical device, we voluntarily choose to follow many of the FDA's relevant recommended best practices. 

When using our programs, you can have the confidence that we are following protocols to create reliable, secure, and accurate software.


CRISALIS will make sure every stage is done right, from proposal to go live.

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