CRISALIS, LLC is comprised of the following departments:

 Executive Team


 Quality Assurance

 Development Team

 Technical Support

Below is an introduction to some of our team managers!

Alberto Aguirre
COO - Chief Operating Officer

Alberto holds a MS in Computer Science from the University of Central Oklahoma. He has more than 30 years of experience in IT hardware and software in banking, Insurance and healthcare.

As one of the main founders of CRISALIS, he has worked devoutly to build this company into a respected software solutions destination for the medical community, especially in the Lupus fields.

Alberto enjoys his free time with family and friends and he is involved in a couple local organizations that help the Hispanic community in Oklahoma.

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Tom Meeus
CTO | Chief Technology Officer

Tom Meeus holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science with emphasis in analysis and object-oriented development from the Catholic College of Leuven, Belgium. He has extensive experience managing enterprise implementations of healthcare information and EMR systems and is expert at analyzing, developing, and implementing data collecting requirements. He has a proven ability to lead seamless implementations and deliver next-generation technical solutions.

Tom acted as lead developer for MediCORE, E.M.E.R.G.E., and the LFA-POINT system.  Before working for CRISALIS, he was applications programmer for the Clinical Pharmacology Department at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.

When not working, Tom enjoys watching and playing soccer, spending time with his wife and kids, and gaming. Through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, Tom is also a big brother to a great kid.

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Adriane and her Duo 
Adriane Meeus
Project Manager

After working her way up in the Hospitality Industry, Adriane became the General Manager of a hotel for four years. During that time she raised the hotel's industry grade from an F to an A, increased it's rating on TripAdvisor from the bottom to the #1 hotel in town thanks to customer reviews, and made it once again financially solvent.

From that background, Adriane brings experience in customer relations and business management to the team. Documentation, demonstrations, and customer feedback are her biggest projects. As part of the quality management department, she helps design and test ideas and software.

Off hours are spent having fun with her kids, her husband, pets, reading, game nights, mounted archery, & trail riding. She also mentors through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

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Gayle Johnson 
Gayle Johnson
Compliance Officer

Gayle brought CRISALIS into FDA Compliance with energy and knowledge. A massive help to our teams, she not only advises and trains, but expands her own education on an continuous basis.

She works directly with any audit teams to keep all documentation in top shape. Any GXP and quality topics are covered by her department.

In her personal time, Gayle spends a lot of time with her mother and traveling whenever possible. She enjoys horse back riding and seeing her children, as well as hiking and being outdoors. Reading a good book and settling in when the snow hits during Wyoming winters is also a quiet way to enjoy her time.