With two locations, Oklahoma City, OK and Vancouver, WA, we are a small but dedicated company.

We began operations in 2005 under the name Medisoftech, but in 2010 the company became CRISALIS LLC, an acronym for Custom Research Information Systems and Logistically Integrated Solutions.

Our name is an intentional misspelling of the Greek word "chrysalis," the pupal stage in which a caterpillar Purple Lupus Ribbonmetamorphoses into a butterfly. We transform the way researchers collaborate by crafting custom solutions for their information technology needs.

From basic inventory systems to state of the art trial software, CRISALIS has experience with many different type of programming technologies and has clients from many different fields.

CRISALIS has developed specialized research database applications for research institutions, government agencies, and non-profits. Since our company’s inception, CRISALIS products, including a unique technology using automated edit-checks to assist with clinical trial data accuracy, have garnered significant interest among Lupus researchers.

We don't just focus on Lupus however, the flexible architecture of our systems can be adapted to meet the specifications of any clinical research environment. E.M.E.R.G.E. is one of our customizable systems that fits this need.

Working with top medical consultants, our goal is to make sure doctors and clinics can get right to work without a long training period and confidence in the accuracy. Dr. Joan Merrill of OMRF has been one of our strongest assets.

CRISALIS also gives back through chosen sponsorships:

> Student scholarships at the University of Oklahoma through COLSA (Colombian Students Association) 
> Local Lupus Chapters activities including Atlanta and Washington D. C.
> HOPE, a project in India to bring water to needed people.

As one of the few Oklahoma's EDGE winners,
CRISALIS continues to work towards developing new tools for
the medical community that are innovative, transformative, and applicable.

Let us be YOUR edge

Our team is your team. To learn more about some of our employees visit our leadership page.

We aren't just Oklahoma's EDGE, we can be yours, too.

800 Research Parkway, OKC

800 Research Parkway, Suite 338
Oklahoma City, OK 73102